How To Turn Your Passion For Sneakers Into Money | Big Talk With Vedant Lamba

Looking to get into the business of (re-) selling hype? Or just love street wear and sneakers? This interview with Vedant Lamba is one that you absolutely cannot miss.

Just FYI, Vedant is the Founder of Mainstreet, one of India’s popular multi-brand hype sneaker and streetwear stores. In addition to the marketplace, the folks at Mainstreet also create visual and textual content around street culture and apparel on Mainstreet TV (YouTube) and The Mainstreet Mandate (content platform).

In this episode of Big Talk, Vedant tells us all about how one can get into the hype reselling game, how he built Mainstreet from scratch, and the most expensive pair of shoes he has ever sold (Can you guess? Hint: Think BIIIIG). Check out the video for all the scoop.

PS: You can follow Vedant’s journey here:

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