About Us

We at Origin are all about our community. We feed and sustain on the narratives, beliefs, and voices of our people that are unapologetic and authentic to their being. We’re hell-bent on getting those voices, ideas, and conversations out, and hence, The Origin Mag was born.

A platform for and by the millennial and the Gen Z folks of India, we are a no bullshit, no stereotype, and no judgement zone (although, we’ll judge you a little if you’re racist, casteist or a homophobe). Our aim, though? World domination (JK. Maybe). But on a serious note, we want to be the voice of our community, the avenue that gets authentic conversations started, including ones that make you realise how much humans suck, but also, how far we’ve come. 

We’re doing this by covering different stories across topics like Music, Art, Culture, and Drugs. Our content ranges from personal experiences and interviews to news, pop culture trends, and recommendations. Psst.. apart from our epic content, you might want to stick around for our giveaways too.

Join us in this journey, will you?

PS: We love attention, your inputs (hello, contributors!), and of course, any leads at all. Holla at us:
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